Liquid Brine Application

100% granular sodium chloride free

We are the area’s only 100% granular sodium chloride free deicing company. Targeting each storm’s unique characteristic allows us to efficiently use liquid applications and help reduce chlorides in runoff water and waterways. 
An abundant fleet of liquid application trucks are outfitted with 300-2,200 gallon tanks that carry our home made liquid brine. Our facility can produce 3,000 gallons of liquid brine per house and can store nearly 100.000 gallons of brine at a time.
Depending upon weather conditions, we mix an environmentally safe additive into our brine to allow for effective deicing to -35 degrees. One of our additives is a tackifier allowing the wet product to stay on the pavement and not run off. 
A corrosion inhibitor is the last key compenent that is added to liquid brine. This allows the prevention of corrosion on escalators, elevators, doors, landscaping, concrete, and much more.
These trucks our outfitted with the industries best liquid application systems. Allowing management to control the gallons per acre, width of application, and rate that liquid brine sprayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A liquid application means we have sprayed liquid brine and a small number of additives on the pavement to either attack snow and ice from bottom to prevent a bond from forming, from the top to melt snow and ice, or both to efficiently remove snow and ice. 

Granular salt is agitated using water to a precise salinity level. SV Enterprises makes it own liquid brine in house 24/7 throughout all snow events. Our brine is mixed with additives to control corrosion, tackify it to the pavement, and make it effective down to -35°F.

Effective Melting Temperature

  • Liquid: -35°F
  • Granular: 15°F


  • Liquid: Electronically programmed to spray at predetermined widths at specific vehicle speed utilizing GPS and Bluetooth technology.
  • Granular: Spun from a spinner and bounces randomly.


  • Liquid: Reduces chlorides by 75%
  • Granular: High amounts necessary that are allowed to run into stormwater systems greatly effecting the environment.


  • Liquid: Contains a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Granular: Can cause rust when mixed with water and air.

No, our liquid is nearly perfectly clear. But under lighting the lines from sprayers can be seen.

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